We are a Huawei Authorised Channel Partner

We offer high-speed and reliable wireless access services.
Utilising the latest Huawei 802.11ac chip you get better performance and wider coverage.

* Comprehensive user access control capability implements user access control based on user group policies and supports a maximum of 128 users.

* High network security supports multiple authentication and encryption modes, as well as rogue AP and STA detection.

* Flexible networking and strong environment adaptability provides access and bridging services and automatically adjusts transmission rate, channel, transmit power, and bandwidth to adapt to various environments.

* Easy management and maintenance supports Plug-and-Play (PnP).


Together we'll formulate a project plan to see your job to successful completion.

Our experience and industry knowledge will provide confidence and real value. Guiding you through the right channels, capturing innovative technologies and avoiding typical traps and pitfalls.

From start to finish - we're with you all the way.



  • Business relocation
  • Cabinet Upgrades
  • Adds, moves and changes
  • Cabling tidy ups
  • Network cable faults